Pakistan forces halt anti-US drone march to S. Waziristan

Pakistan cricketer turned politician Imran Khan waves to supporters at the start of a rally on the outskirts of Islamabad on October 6, 2012. Khan is leading western peace activists and local loyalists on a highly publicised rally to Pakistan’s tribal belt in protest against US drone strikes. (AFP Photo/A Majeed)

Pakistan forces have halted an anti-US drone march to the Pakistani region of South Waziristan. Organizer of the rally Imran Khan was detained by security forces, but later released, NBC reports.

Thousands of Pakistanis were joined by US and British activists in the rally.­

Organized by politician and former cricket superstar Imran Khan, the rally started in Islamabad and is to end in the tribal region of South Waziristan, though it is unknown if the protesters will be able to complete the march. The unstable Waziristan region requires special permits to enter, and it is not clear if the procession will be waved through.

A group of US and British anti-war activists have already marched through the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, on Friday in protest against US drone strikes in the northwest territory.

They chanted “Stop, stop drone attacks!” and sang “We are marching to Waziristan.” One placard read “Drones fly, Children die.”

The group then boarded around 150 cars and the motorcade proceeded through the route, stopping in major urban centers to rally more supporters. Read more

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