Police inaugrate 191 emergency call center

Ghana PoliceThe Ghana Police Service has commissioned a new emergency calls center which is capable of handling thirty calls (complaints) concurrently.

The inauguration of the call center followed reports by Joy FM about the unreliability of some of the emergency lines and the operators of such lines.

One event that has also necessitated the establishment of the call center was an encounter Ben Ephson, Managing Editor of the Daily Dispatch newspaper had with an operator, when he called during a fire incident at his residence.

He told Joy News on the night of the incident, the operator he reached on a police emergency line was unhelpful.

The facility which was installed by the Raycom Technologies would receive calls on the police emergency line 191 and also provide detailed information on callers to aid the police in their work.

The Director General of Police Administration COP Rose Bio Atinga told Joy FM the system is a major boost to the efforts of the police in clamping down on crime in the country.

The Police can now be reached on the following emergency lines, 191 and 18555

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